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Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology for heating and cooling your home has become widely accepted across Nova Scotia and throughout Canada due to the real energy savings from traditional sources and to the added benefit of summer air conditioning. For both heating and cooling, our heat pumps will provide many years of superb service. SHINES Energy is selling and installing only brand name appliances using certified, HVAC installers with many years of experience.

Beyond Cost Savings: Additional Benefits of this Technology

  • Heat pump maintenance is much like the maintenance that is required to keep a traditional heating and cooling system operating as it should for years to come - annual inspections and routine cleaning
  • With proper maintenance, heat pumps in Canada are lasting 15 to 20 years, on average
  • When it comes to installation, ductless systems can be installed rather cost-effectively and quickly

Why Choose SHINES Energy?

After installing a ductless mini-split heat pump in June 2012, one of our customers said, "I saved so much on my power bill ($1100) in the first year that Nova Scotia Power called me to see what I did to my home!"

Our energy specialists have helped countless people in places that include Halifax and Dartmouth, choose the systems that will best heat their homes in winter and cool their homes in summer. If you're shopping for heat pumps in Nova Scotia, the team of people behind SHINES Energy have the knowledge, training and experience to first assess your needs and then help you select the best heat pump to satisfy them. Whether you're interested in a mini split, ductless heat pump or a pump that's capable of heating and cooling your entire home, we are your heat pump installation experts. Call us today and discover why we're the number one energy-saving solutions provider in Halifax and other areas throughout Atlantic Canada.

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