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Mini Split

Working on the same principles as the larger heat pumps, mini-splits are typically smaller and used for targeted applications within the home. This means that a heat pump sized for a particular space can be installed just for that area in the home. There is really no limit on the number of mini-splits that can be installed, although the size and capability of the electrical panel will always be a consideration.

Why go ductless?

For some people, the best mini split heat pump is one that doesn't require complicated or potentially costly ductwork. The installation of a ductless system, therefore, can be quite efficient, getting the new system up and operating in little time at all. A ductless mini split heat pump can also be installed securely, eliminating the risks that are characteristic of some other ductless heating and/or cooling systems, such as theft and damage from the elements.

Quality Systems

SHINES Energy specializes in the installation of quality energy products from Lennox. When you choose a Lennox mini split heat pump, you're going to enjoy the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems for years to come.

There are many ways to benefit from converting to a mini split heat pump in Canada. Get in touch with us to learn more.