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Heat pumps are available in many sizes - size being their capacity to generate heat or cooling, most often measured in BTUs. A mini-split may be as small as 9000 BTU output whereas a single, whole home unit could be as large as 60,000 BTU. Getting the size right is important. If the unit is too large, then efficiency is lost, since you have a large compressor drawing more power to operate than is necessary. Plus, if not sized properly, a too large unit will remove enough of the moisture content in the air on humid days the heat pump may not be able to remove enough of the moisture content, leaving you with an uncomfortable and possibly unhealthy living space, especially in the summer. If too small, the compressor will work overtime in trying to meet the demand, consequently costing more to run and wearing out prematurely.

When sizing, the following need to be considered:

  • interior layout of the home
  • size and type of windows
  • energy efficiency of the home
  • square footage/volume of air to be conditioned
  • size and condition of existing ducting for whole home systems