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Whole Home Systems

These are typically the larger, box-shaped units seen resting on pads next to the home. You will hear these units referred to as "ducted" since a fan inside the home will move the hot or cold air via duct work to all or most of the living areas. The 'whole home system' can be installed in a new residence or retro-fitted to an existing furnace, generating huge savings in fuel offsets. These systems can not only cool your home but de-humidify at the same time, adding a huge comfort level to your living areas.

Here is an explantion of the various components of a whole-home heating system and how they interact.

How many litres of oil are you using each year to heat your home? Converting from oil to a ducted, heat pump system with an electric back up (for only the coldest days) will save at least 50% of your existing, annual fuel costs. Due to their high efficiencies, heat pumps will always cost less to use than a traditional system, even when power consumption is taken into consideration.