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Lennox Furnaces

When we at Shines Energy decide to carry or install certain products, we do so because we know that they offer our clients considerable value for their dollar. This is precisely why we specialize in the installation of Lennox furnaces. For starters, we feel that Lennox offers the best high efficiency furnace on the market today, both in terms of quality and design. Plus, from an energy-saving standpoint, Lennox manufactures furnaces that are a cut above in terms of their efficiency.

A Furnace that Saves You Money

This brand has won several awards for the efficiency of their products. In fact, Lennox high efficiency furnaces can save their owners hundreds of dollars every year, just by reducing the amount of energy that's wasted in the heating process. What's so remarkable about these systems, however, is that they offer maximum efficiency without compromise. This means that you can expect these units to perform reliably and consistently while still saving you money.

Quality Products with Warranties

When you buy one of these high efficiency furnaces, you not only get peace of mind that you're investing in a brand that's been noted for its quality design and craftsmanship, but you will also receive warranty coverage that surpasses that which is offered by many other manufacturers in the industry. On select models, Lennox also offers extended coverage. Time for an upgrade? Looking for an efficient way to heat your new home? If you're interested in learning more about the selection of Lennox furnaces that we offer and install, please get in touch with us.