SHINES Energy is done with spring cleaning for 2013! Here's what we have for surplus equipment!

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SunScope 13" Natural Light Pipe
No moving parts, no electrics - just bring the sunlight from where you have it, to where you need it!
Made in Canada
Condition: Showroom model; missing bottom light diffuser. No manual but we can give you some tips on installing it.
Aurora 7000W 400V Wind Interface
Converts 2-phase wind turbine alternating current to DC for feeding a charge controller or inverter. Matching inverter is also available.
Includes manual
New In Box
OutBack Power Systems Combiner Box
Model FW-CBUS-8 Flexware, for breakers for 8 PV panels or strings,
Circuit breakers not included.
New In Box - Quantity 2
Small Solar LED Outdoor fountain & light
For lighting up and aerating your birdbath or koi pond!
New In Box
Sol Mate "Floating Colours" Pool or Pond Light, very decorative.
$29.95 OBO
New In Box
244 P3 International Rain Guage $10.00 OBO
Built in Clock and date display, shows current & accumulated rainfall totals. Self emptying and virtually maintenance free.
Quantity 2
New In Box
Windy Boy Grid Intertied Inverter for wind turbines (USED)
1800 Watt
120 V output
400Vdc input

Condition: briefly used
Click here for tech specs
Price: $1125

OutBack Power Systems FlexWare Inverter & Disconnect Panels
12V, 2500W Single Phase 120v
In FW500 wall mount chassis. You can add another inverter to the chassis to double the power.
Please call for details.
Price: $4000 - was a display model
Dial Thermometer, 0 - 150°C.
Good for lab or fun.
Colour & style may vary
OutBack Power Systems PV Charge Controller
Model MX-60 MPPT
For 12/24/36/8/60V battery systems. Handles 48A of 150VDC from the panels.
Price $550
New - no box
Sunrise 850 Solar Roof Vent
11W solar panel on top, DC motor powers fan
Includes thermostat - fan only comes on above 27°C
Condition: new
Photo of underside with fan
List $495, your price $250
Samlex PSE-1215A 1250W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
2 x 110v outlets, Volts & Amps guage on the side, Over, Temp & Overload LEDs.
View of side panel here

New, out of box, no manual $200

Steibel Eltron SOM 6
Solar Differential Temperature Controller
New In Box

12v Fountain Pump
Add a small solar panel & battery to this for aeration, moving water feature or to entertain your goldfish.
280 Xantrex PH1800 Battery Box
New In Box
Embed-able Solar Marker Light
Self contained unit for embedding flush in concrete. Collects power during the day, turns on the LED at night.

Condition: New
SunPal Sign Light
Mount panel horizontally over a sign; LEDs light up the sign at night
Perfect for lighting a path at your cottage or around your home. Very bright and easy to mount

Condition: new in box
South West Wind Power AIR Breeze (for use on Land, not Marine)
Rated 38kWh / month at 12 mph wind speed, 200W at 28mph wind speed.
New in box with Owner / Installation / Maintenance manual.
Condition: New In Box
12v LED Outdoor Floodlamp
66 LEDs
Marine Grade
New In Box
SunScope 13" Natural Light Pipe.
No moving parts, no electrics - just bring the sunlight from where you have it, to where you need it!
Prism dome on bottom radiates light in all directions into room.
Made in Canada
Condition: new in box. Mounting hardware and installation instructions included.
More information here

12v Kid's Room Sconce or Ceiling Lamp
Bright bright 21W, Soft white 2700K, 12VDC
Condition: new in box
Xantrex Battery Temperature Sensor
Condition: New In Bag with manual

Xantrex Communications Gateway
Allows you to access your Xantrex Inverter or other Xanbus Device from the Internet. Connects to your home network switch or router.
New In Box, includes Quickstart Guide and software disk
$462. List Price $650
Solar Panel On "Rock" Fountain Kit
No connections or assembly. Add pipe segments to get to the right height
Perfect for a birdbath! Turn your birdbath into a bird shower!
New In Box